RNA World (beta)

RNA World (beta) needs donations

The RNA World (beta) project needs donations to cover the BOINC project server (bandwidth and traffic) costs. Please support us and donate!

About RNA World (beta)

RNA World (beta) is a distributed supercomputer that uses Internet-connected computers to advance RNA-related research. You can participate by downloading and running a free program on your computer.

Important information for users with VirtualBox installed

If you have VirtualBox installed on your computer and participate in this project please note:

  • in order to get tasks your CPU needs to have virtualisation capabilities (AMD-v or VT-x)
  • those virtualisation capabilities need to be enabled in your BIOS settings or all tasks will error out
  • Some tasks are incompatible with newer VirtualBox versions:
    If you have 1.15 or earlier tasks, you must use VirtualBox 4.3.x or earlier.
    If you have 1.17 tasks, you must use VirtualBox 5.0.x or earlier.
    If you have 1.18 tasks, you may use VirtualBox 5.1.x.
  • a BOINC client of at least 7.2.33 is recommended
  • The runtime of the cmsearch VM apps are very long (>1000 hours) and deadlines are automatically extended but only visible on the website!
If you don't want to get work for the VM application please disable "cmsearch VM" in your project preferences.

RNA World (beta) is based at the Rechenkraft.net e.V. research facility located in Germany.

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  • Server up and running again...

    ...as usual. Electricity circuits have been re-worked. Everything looks fine.

    ...wie üblich. Die Umstrukturierung der Stromversorgung ist erfolgreich abgeschlossen.


    31 Oct 2016, 16:48:43 UTC · Comment

  • Upcoming Friday till Monday, 2016/10/28-31: Server down for maintenance

    Due to a restructuring of our electricity supply circuits, the RNA World server will be offline from upcoming Friday until the following Monday (28th to 31st of October, 2016).

    Wegen umfangreicheren Umstrukturierungsarbeiten an unserer Stromversorgung wird der RNA World Server von Freitag, den 28.10. bis Montag, den 31.10. vorübergehend abgeschaltet sein.


    26 Oct 2016, 8:32:39 UTC · Comment

  • Short server outage relieved

    Due to a change of a central switch, the RNA World server was unexpectedly offline from yesterday around 4 pm until this morning around 10:30 am. The problem is now resolved, databases have been checked successfully for data integrity and everything should now run normal again.
    As usual, the problem was reported in the RNA World Forum, which is located on a different server such that information can be passed on to you even when the RNA World server is offline.

    Wegen eines kurzfristigen Austausches eines zentralen Ethernet-Switches war der RNA World Server von gestern ca. 16:00 Uhr bis heute Morgen um ca. 10:30 Offline. Das Problem wurde inzwischen behoben, die Datenbanken geprüft und alles läuft wieder normal.
    Das Problem wurde wie üblich in den RNA World Foren erörtert, die aus Sicherheitsgründen auf einem anderen Server lokalisiert sind und daher auch dann funktionieren, wenn der RNA World Server Offline ist.


    28 Jul 2016, 9:10:05 UTC · Comment

  • Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2016: Meet the RNA World Team

    For those who like to visit the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2016 on19th or 20th of March: You may meet the RNA World team there at the Rechenkraft.net booth.

    Am kommenden Wochenende (19. und 20.03.2016) wird das RNA World Team auf den Chemnitzer Linux-Tagen 2016 am Rechenkraft.net Stand anzutreffen sein.


    17 Mar 2016, 13:42:34 UTC · Comment

  • Rechenkraft.net wins Google Impact Challenge 2016 - Thanks to our supporters!

    Thanks to all our supporters, with your votes for our FabLab project, we have indeed won the 10,000 Euro price of the Google Impact Challenge 2016 in the category of local projects. That's just amazing!
    Google has put online some photos of the price drawing event and here are our own photos.
    An overview of all participating projects is shown here.
    Again, thank you once again for all your support!

    Mit euren Unterstützerstimmen für unser FabLab-Projekt haben wir tatsächlich in der Kategorie lokale Projekte den 10.000 Euro Preis bei der Google Impact Challenge 2016 gewonnen!
    Google hat ein paar Bilder der Preisverleihung Online gestellt und hier sind unsere eigenen.
    Einen Überblick über alle teilgenommenen Projekte findet ihr hier.
    Nochmals vielen Dank für eure unermüdliche Unterstützung!

    29 Feb 2016, 10:55:00 UTC · Comment

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