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1) Message boards : News : New work (Message 156)
Posted 11 Mar 2010 by Profile rilian
Once i lost 260 hours of processing in PicEvolvr project (which is down now anyway) when WUs with 4 month deadline suddenly cancelled by server. Admin refused give ANY points for that.

Well, there are two equally fair ways to handle this. Either we grant credit to everybody who is affected or grant credit to none.

i vote for 1st, of course

but errors are expected in beta projects, and RNA project goals are quite important for all us, so i'm ok with 0 points here and happy provide some CPU time for testing!
2) Message boards : News : Run-time filter required (Message 138)
Posted 24 Feb 2010 by Profile rilian
there may be few solutions, do not know if they can be easily implemented in BOINC project, but

use different tables for different WU sizes. You would need to tweak all queries so WU lookup will be done depending on some (precalculated) WU size. With this, you can apply different mysql cache/keys settings to different WU tables

or use BOINC server setting to connect not faster than in X minutes (like in pirates@home - 1 hour, or LHC@home - 15 mins). So clients wont disturb server too often
3) Message boards : News : Account registration open (Message 89)
Posted 6 Feb 2010 by Profile rilian
great news, good luck to project :)