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1) Message boards : News : Latest VirtualBox version now possible (Message 343)
Posted 13 Nov 2013 by Crystal Pellet
So far you had to specifically use version 4.2.16 of VirtualBox to ensure proper function of our novel checkpointing approach. Now you may use any of the later versions - the bug is no more relevant for us.

Bislang mußtet ihr stets Version 4.2.16 von VirtualBox installieren, damit es zu keinen Problemen mit unserem neuen Checkpointing-Ansatz kam. Ab sofort könnt ihr auch alle neueren Versionen verwenden. Der Fehler ist behoben.


.. any of the later versions .. isn't right.

4.2.18 will not restore from snapshots, because primary master device is removed when taking a snapshot.
That is deadly for the long running RNA-tasks when you have to restore from a snapshot.
4.3 had issues also. I'm not sure, whether RNA suffers from that.

So to be on the safe side: Use VirtualBox version 4.2.16 or the newest at the moment 4.3.2.