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1) Message boards : News : OSX client released (Message 216)
Posted 15 Oct 2010 by Nvgnte
Hi Michael, I'm sorry but my first WU failed (as well as to my wingman for what I can see)

I'm using MacOS 10.4.11 and boincmanager v. 6.10.21 (a bit old, maybe)

stderr out:
process got signal 5
dyld: unknown required load command 0x80000022


And Boinc Manager returned:
Fri Oct 15 08:06:15 2010 RNA World Starting cms_GA[e1-5MB_Lin64f]_Yarrowia-lipolytica_CR382132.lin.EMBL_RF00038_PrfA_1285425963_9955_1
Fri Oct 15 08:06:16 2010 RNA World Starting task cms_GA[e1-5MB_Lin64f]_Yarrowia-lipolytica_CR382132.lin.EMBL_RF00038_PrfA_1285425963_9955_1 using cmsearch version 2
Fri Oct 15 08:06:23 2010 RNA World Computation for task cms_GA[e1-5MB_Lin64f]_Yarrowia-lipolytica_CR382132.lin.EMBL_RF00038_PrfA_1285425963_9955_1 finished
Fri Oct 15 08:06:23 2010 RNA World Output file cms_GA[e1-5MB_Lin64f]_Yarrowia-lipolytica_CR382132.lin.EMBL_RF00038_PrfA_1285425963_9955_1_0 for task cms_GA[e1-5MB_Lin64f]_Yarrowia-lipolytica_CR382132.lin.EMBL_RF00038_PrfA_1285425963_9955_1 absent
Fri Oct 15 08:06:23 2010 RNA World Output file cms_GA[e1-5MB_Lin64f]_Yarrowia-lipolytica_CR382132.lin.EMBL_RF00038_PrfA_1285425963_9955_1_1 for task cms_GA[e1-5MB_Lin64f]_Yarrowia-lipolytica_CR382132.lin.EMBL_RF00038_PrfA_1285425963_9955_1 absent