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CMS RAM issue, current WUs and novel project

Message boards : News : CMS RAM issue, current WUs and novel project
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Message 159 - Posted: 5 Apr 2010, 17:46:08 UTC

You may have noticed that I am a bit less responsive during the past two weeks concerning user support. This in fact has good reason since I am currently travelling around in India to meet our cooperation partners and discuss a set of very interesting projects I have planned from long hand since quite some time now. The outcome is this: While we are currently working on resolving the RAM issue with the large eukaryotic work units, as of today, I have replaced the remaining WUs of this batch by a novel, highly exciting project dealing with tuberculosis that is actually based on our very promising results obtained for the Lin64 CMC WU series we completed successfully a few weeks ago. I have meanwhile tested these Lin64 CMC results and they seem perfect as all testings could be completed to my full satisfaction.

If all works as expected, you can expect the first WUs of the tuberculosis type to pour in on your machines by tomorrow or maybe even tonight. We just have to finish up the latest large WU batch that has been processed and fed in by the server. For a few more details on that project, just take a look at our constantly improving scientific objectives page.

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Message boards : News : CMS RAM issue, current WUs and novel project