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Message 140 - Posted: 4 Mar 2010, 15:09:40 UTC
Last modified: 4 Mar 2010, 15:11:46 UTC

The entire set of CMC work units for Linux x64 machines is almost complete now and so is the current CMS bundle. We have already prepared the first eukaryotic organisms which will cause significantly more traffic during download and correspondingly require more HD storage as well. As soon as the results have been assembled (a matter of just a few days), we will normalize the client server communication intervalls such that all the problems that occurred with the last CMS work units will not reappear. We will then release a set of CMC work units for Windows x64 only plus a first test set of the eukaryotic CMS WUs for all systems to check whether it runs smoothly. If that is the case, we will fill up the server with more work. Exact dates will be announced here.
Thank you all for your patience and help with the trouble shooting.
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