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Some server beating...

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Message 112 - Posted: 12 Feb 2010, 15:48:57 UTC
Last modified: 13 Feb 2010, 15:10:02 UTC

The current sets of work units have remarkably short run times, so our server is currently preparing WUs which are almost immediately getting downloaded and will be returned successfully within a few minutes - sometimes even just within a few seconds. So, the server intentionally gets some hard beating today. For us, this is important to check out the limits such that we can combine the work packet contents more effectively in the future, i.e. avoid releasing short WUs only, but sort of "sprinkle" them amongst larger ones.
There is more CMSEARCH work in the pipeline and some time during the weekend I intend to put a set of "heavy duty" CMCALIBRATE work units online. For reasons of internal result comparison, this time, they will be assigned exclusively to Linux-64 machines.
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Message boards : News : Some server beating...