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User Profiles from Italy: Page 1 of 2

Last updated 24 Oct 2020, 23:27:03 UTC

[FVG] bax ("Italian, 40 y.o., electronic engineer, PLC software developer. My PCs and PS3s crunch...")
cenit ("Hi! I'm Stefano, from Italy. I study physics.")
morse [E.R.] - BOINC.Italy ("My name is Andrea. I am 23 years. I study telecomunications enginnering at Modena...")
Michele ANSALDI ("23/03/2004 Me and my daughter Alicia in front of our house in Holgu?n (Cuba) I am born...")
Alessandro Maitre [E.R.] ("Hi to all! I'm Alessandro,a member of Boinc.Italy Team! I'm an Italian student who want...")
jcuervo ("")
[VENETO] boboviz ("From Italy, with Boinc Italy")
[CAMP] Cavidor ("I'm from Ischia (Napoli), Italy. I started distributed computing with SETI classic in...")
PinkPenguin (""A wise man wants for only nourishing cabbage soup; seek not other things. Except...")
marianob [Marche] ("My name is Mariano and I'm italian. Mi chiamo Mariano e sono italiano.")

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