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Last updated 24 Oct 2020, 23:27:03 UTC

Contact (""I am proud to be a human being. I believe that we have come this far by the skin of...")
Byron Leigh Hatch @ team Carl Sagan ("Every time I read, watch or listen to Carl Sagan I am filled with renewed hope for humanity...")
Gentilli ("My Passions Astronomy and related sciences. Distributed computing and...")
Morgan the Gold (" ")
Jill ("I'm a cartographer, working as a drafter and mapper for a survey company in Northern BC. I...")
WereChild ("Brought into this world in the year of '74, on a now infamous date. Loves pretty much...")
[AF>Quebec]MDodier ("Pays/Country: Canada Province: Qu?bec Ville/City: Banlieu de Montr?al /...")
Phil Klassen ("Hello there. I am from the west coast of Canada.")
Cesium_133* ("--About Me-- Born 17 March 1973 Charlotte, NC, USA. Reside there again after living in...")

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