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Last updated 20 Oct 2020, 23:27:03 UTC

Dingo ("I was a Beta tester for BOINC and founder of team BOINC@AUSTRALIA...")
vaughan ("I'm the Co-site Admin at the AMD Users Distributed Computing Team forum http://amdusers.com...")
DistroMan ("I'm a smelly little man with a scruffy beard and little piggy eyes.")
veebee ("just the average Aussie (single) father of three, who's into computers. I build my boxes...")
WikiWill ("I'm a happy BOINC@Australia cruncher from Sydney, Australia. I started with Seti@Home in...")
rebel9 ("BOINC enthusiast. Programmer.")
kashi ("")
Cybes ("I'm a middle-aged SF fan with a novel collection that would shame some libraries. I have a...")
RAMen ("Boincing for CRUNCHER JUNKIES on the West Coast of Australia Location: Perth , Western...")

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