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Last updated 27 Feb 2021, 0:22:03 UTC

scsimodo ("In 2003 I started distributed computing with SETI classic and switched to BOINC soon after...")
Saenger (" Geboren 1964 in Wrisbergholzen Studiert in Berlin (Energie- und...")
Shann ("Juste pour pouvoir ?tre UotD... Just to be UotD...")
Slicker [TopGun] ("Just visiting...")
Swordfish ("I have been crunching for many years going back to Seti Classic. I tend to prefer to run...")
sdl* ("Survived twenty years of military duty working with Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment...")
Sysadm@Nbg ("cogito ergo sum sagt mein Computer, und damit er was zu denken hat crunche ich - a...")
schensi ("Hallo , ich bin 47 Jahre alt und arbeite als Telekommunikationstechniker . Seit Januar 2009...")
SETIKAH (" http://setikah.wo.tc")

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