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The RNA World (beta) project needs donations to cover the BOINC project server (bandwidth and traffic) costs. Please support us and donate!

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Last updated 8 Mar 2021, 0:37:03 UTC

L3v3l0rd ("I startet to work for distributed computing in 2004 with SETI-project. Afterwards I took...")
ledled ("Hi all, My name is ledled, I'm a member of Team China in RNA World (beta), I like this...")
LeaveArtemis ("i am a student from southeast university,jiangsu,china,grade to join the rna world!")
L@MiR (" ")
Lee Hee Lak ("Trust your heart High seas catch fire Live by love Stars walk backward.")
lost68er ("Hi! My name is Frank, I`m 42 years old and from Berlin-Pankow (former East-Berlin).")
Luegge ("Hi there! I'm a swiss PhD student with computers with much spare time. This is due to...")

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