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Last updated 27 Feb 2021, 0:22:03 UTC

domini1000 ("Ich engagiere mich vorwiegend für medizinische Projekte.")
Dingo ("I was a Beta tester for BOINC and founder of team BOINC@AUSTRALIA...")
DistroMan ("I'm a smelly little man with a scruffy beard and little piggy eyes.")
diclo ("Hallo. Mein Name ist Stefan und komme aus der Nähe von Köln in Deutschland. Ich rechne...")
DoctorNow ("Hi! I`m Dirk from the almost world-famous village Beuern near Giessen in...")
Dataman ("California - USA ")
DrBob ("God bless the United States of America")
dago.net ("I startet to work for distributed computing in 1997 with distributed.net\'s RC5-56 project....")
darkstarz1 ("Originally from Falmouth in Cornwall, I now live and work in Bristol (BOOM town!), for a...")
Dude ("Thomas alias Dude: Member of ")

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