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Last updated 16 Apr 2021, 23:22:03 UTC

Aleksander Parkitny ("I'm living in Wroclaw, Poland, working as a junior ITS and Security Specialist. I'm...")
amazing ("??????, ??????!! I'm form Korea. I crunching all boinc project as possible. Good luck!")
al@ON (""Avec BOINC, je participe au calcul partag? pour verser ma goutte d'eau dans un oc?an...")
Alessandro Maitre [E.R.] ("Hi to all! I'm Alessandro,a member of Boinc.Italy Team! I'm an Italian student who want...")
aendgraend ("I'm a real Bavarian, born in 1973, working as a System Engineer. I like participating in...")
Autofuzzy ("Hi Cruncher and Boinc-Specialists, my name is Jean-Marc aka Autofuzzy and come from...")
ab ("I'm from London. And I would like to see companies pay their taxes.")
ANCHULA-MARK ("A member of the UK Boinc Team supporting RNA World. Apart from computing my interests are...")
arctic light ("Proud member of SETI.Germany and the 2nd Wave =) My hobbies are photography (Sony Alpha...")

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