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1) Message boards : News : no multiple screensaver starts anymore (Message 169)
Posted 3518 days ago by DGG
A problem does still exist with the screensaver though. It starts OK one time but never shuts off when the application is no longer running.

For example: With the BOINC screensaver turned on and activating...

If I'm running Projects A, B, C on three of my cores and RNA starts on the 4th, the screensaver for RNA opens as a window often behind the actual program which isn't visible.

Also, and more importantly, when BOINC stops doing work on the RNA project (even if the WU is finished) the RNA graphic continues to run. It will do so till I click the close button on the graphic window. Frankly, this is a problem because it seems to be a flash application instead of a real BOINC screensaver. This isn't good because it can't be shut off by BOINC manager. It keeps sucking up screen time by running even when the RNA project is done and gone.