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Merry Christmas

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Message 404 - Posted: 25 Dec 2018, 12:52:20 UTC

The RNA World team wishes all of you a happy christmas season.

Wir wünschen all unseren Unterstützern ein fröhliches Weihnachtsfest!

Rechenkraft.net e.V. - Verein zur Foerderung von Bildung, Forschung und Wissenschaft durch Einsatz vernetzter Computer.

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Message 405 - Posted: 2 Jan 2019, 19:29:02 UTC - in response to Message 404.

Hi, I have dual Xeon, 88 thread machine running 24/7 nnd very reliable with VM installed, Im running LHC (VM too) 24/7 but want to crunch RNA too, possible to get some WUs or 1 pls? Want to help this project ... Thank you, Jirka

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Message boards : News : Merry Christmas